9 Best Survival Affiliate Programs on ClickBank in 2022

Are you prepared to enter the intense world of the doomsday/prepper/survival niche?

If so, you just might be rewarded handsomely – there are a lot of people out there willing to spend a pretty penny to ensure their family’s survival against all manner of possible disasters. (And then there are the ones who spend on items that give them “survivalist street cred” with friends and family, especially while the Democrats are in power.)

Whether the offers in question prove someone’s conservative values – like a Trump coin – or provide a way to keep their family safe in a crisis – like the Water Freedom System – we’ve got you covered with a hand-picked set of top performers.

Want to see the full list of ClickBank’s best survival affiliate programs for yourself? Check them out below!

(Side note: You’ll need to create a ClickBank account before you can access these offers and get paid, but it’s free and quick… Sign up here!)

9 Best Self-Help Affiliate Programs on ClickBank (Updated Yearly)

Trump 2020 CoinThe Lost WaysTrump BucksAlive After the FallEasy CellarThe Backyard Miracle FarmCombat Fighter and Combat ShooterWater Freedom SystemBulletproof Home

Category: SurvivalClickBank Nickname: trsrvl

Trump 2020 Coin

The Trump 2020 Coin isn’t just a great survival offer – it’s actually a best-selling offer here on ClickBank! If you follow our monthly top products updates regularly, you would have seen this Trump coin hit the #1 spot in October 2021 and maintain a strong showing in position #2 the following month. And even when it’s not in the top 10, this is a consistent big seller.

For context, the Trump 2020 coin is a commemorative item that fans of President Donald Trump can buy and display. With such extreme identity politics these days in the United States, it’s not surprising that there are buyers ready to prove their commitment to the former president with the purchase of a Trump coin.

And when it comes to affiliate performance, this is a solid conservative offer with a nearly $50 average payout, a sub-2% refund rate, and a time-tested funnel. If you have a conservative, gun owner, or survival audience, you can be confident that the Trump coin offer is going to shine with them!

Offering CPA = Ask them about it

EPC = $0.85APV = $46.83Starting Commission = 50%Affiliate Tools Page = https://conservativeaffiliates.com/trump-2020-coin/Vendor Contact = support@conservativeaffiliates.com

Check out their landing page here.

Category: SurvivalClickBank Nickname: lostways

The Lost Ways
The Lost Ways

Let’s talk about The Lost Ways. This offer is focused on old medicines, foods, and survival skills that people used to use a few hundred years ago – and how to “find” them all again in today’s times. The Lost Ways has 4 different video sales letters for you to choose from for targeting your survival audience.

To promote this one, you’ll need to be preapproved by the seller – and you’ll want to have an email list or website. Thankfully, there’s a nice set of existing email creatives and banner images to help you out!

See more on their tools page below!

EPC = $0.41APV = $39.16Starting Commission = 75%

Affiliate Tools Page = https://www.thelostways.com/statics/affiliates.php Vendor Contact = jason@askaprepper.com

Check out their landing page here.

Category: SurvivalClickBank Nickname: patpubs5

Trump Bucks
Trump Bucks

If you thought the Trump 2020 Coin was the only Trump-related offer in this list, well… think again! This time around, we have Trump Bucks – and yes, they’re exactly what they sound like!

These commemorative imitation gold bills feature President Trump on them, and the front-end offer is a pitch for two “Trump Bucks” for free (plus $4.99 each for shipping and handling, of course!). The funnel also has optional bonuses available for purchase: a “First Couple” buck with Melania Trump included, and a full-color commemorative Trump coin.

Bottom line: if your audience likes President Trump, then they’re a good bet for this offer!

EPC = $0.75APV = $28.67Starting Commission = 75%Affiliate Tools Page = https://patriotpoweredpromos.com/trump-bucks-affiliate-resources Vendor Contact = affiliates@restrictedmembersonly.com

Check out their landing page here.

Category: SurvivalClickBank Nickname: alivefall

Alive After the Fall
Alive After the Fall

Alive After the Fall sounds like a gritty post-apocalyptic HBO drama, I’ll grant you – but it also happens to be the perfect name for this “biblical prophecy” survival offer that teaches people how to survive the fall of America (in the event that an EMP blast wipes out all electricity).

The digital product itself actually serves as a sequel to another best-selling survival offer called “Survive the Final Bubble.” Tying biblical stories to recent events, Alive After the Fall features a cinematic VSL that hooks viewers. After purchasing, buyers will get a step-by-step plan on how to cook food without power, find out which medicine supplies they’ll need on hand, learn about a special flashlight that’s protected from EMP, and more.

For affiliates, this offer has a strong funnel with a 75% commission on the initial sales and up to 3 upsells. You also get plenty of resources on the tools page. You can find out more below!

EPC = $0.12APV = $43.82Starting Commission = 75%Affiliate Tools Page = http://aliveafterthefall.com/affiliates-center Vendor Contact = affiliates@aliveafterthefall.com

Check out their landing page here.

Category: SurvivalClickBank Nickname: easycellar

Easy Cellar
Easy Cellar

The initial line of the Easy Cellar VSL is pretty great: “Ever wonder what really happens when you bury a shipping container?”

It goes on to explain why this isn’t the best way to create your own root cellar or storm shelter. Instead, you can follow a guide that explains everything you need to know: Easy Cellar! The product bills itself as a “backyard solution for saving your stockpiles and your life in the next crisis.”

The offer comes from Claude Davis, creator of The Lost Ways (which you might have noticed a few positions higher in this list!). It comes with a nice list of email creatives and banner images for you to use. Find out more about whether this is a good fit for your audience by checking out the resources below!

EPC = $0.79APV = $46.70Starting Commission = 75%Affiliate Tools Page = https://www.easy-cellar.com/affiliates/affiliate_page.phpVendor Contact = jason@askaprepper.com

Check out their landing page here.

Category: SurvivalClickBank Nickname: srff14

The Backyard Miracle Farm
The Backyard Miracle Farm

Next on our list of the best survival affiliate programs is The Backyard Miracle Farm, which has a unique hook: not only can it help you grow food in the event of a global disaster, but it can also help you lower the costs of your grocery bills each year. I like this because it’s doing double-duty: helping buyers prepare for an unlikely catastrophe, while still benefitting from the product in case a disaster never comes.

The product itself is a step-by-step guide teaching how to create a “Miracle Farm.” As an affiliate, the timing is really good for promoting this one, due to all the supply chain problems lately. With shoppers actually seeing the store shelves bare in some cases, it makes sense to have an alternate supply of food like your own Miracle Farm.

This offer provides email swipes, banners, and other resources on the tools page. Find out more and grab your own affiliate link for The Backyard Miracle Farm below!

EPC = $0.69APV = $37.87Starting Commission = 75%Affiliate Tools Page = https://www.epcworkshop.com/cb/offerscb.php Vendor Contact = epcworkshop20@gmail.com

Check out their landing page here.

Category: SurvivalClickBank Nickname: comfighter

Combat Fighter and Combat Shooter
Combat Fighter and Combat Shooter

This is a pair of survival offers that center on something more personal than making it through a drought or famine. Combat Fighter and Combat Shooter are both systems teaching you how to be effective in combat situations, with powerful self-defense techniques for fighting or shooting. Most importantly, the systems are developed by an active-duty special operations soldier.

And yes, these offers are presented as helping people in a life-or-death situation – hence the “survival” category. As an affiliate, you’ll get access to some email swipes, but that’s about all to expect for affiliate resources as of now.

If you have an audience interested in becoming better in a fight and being able to protect their loved ones, then find out more about Combat Fighter and Combat Shooter now!

EPC = $0.67APV = $49.71Starting Commission = 75%Affiliate Tools Page = https://alphanation.com/affiliates/Vendor Contact = support@alphanation.com

Check out their landing page here.

Category: SurvivalClickBank Nickname: waterfs

Water Freedom System
Water Freedom System

From the creators of The Backyard Miracle Farm comes the Water Freedom system. Just like the Miracle Farm helps to protect buyers from food scarcity, Water Freedom does the same thing for water scarcity. The system is billed as helping you create an automated supply of fresh, quality clean water for pennies on the dollar.

And just like with Miracle Farm, this system offers the dual benefit of helping buyers “say goodbye to water companies” – so even if there’s no apocalypse of biblical proportions, there’s still a compelling benefit for people who want to learn how to supply their own water.

If you want to promote this one, you can contact the team at the email below or check out their tools page!

EPC = $0.40APV = $42.13Starting Commission = 75%Affiliate Tools Page = https://www.epcworkshop.com/cb/offerscb.phpVendor Contact = epcworkshop20@gmail.com

Check out their landing page here.

Category: SurvivalClickBank Nickname: bulletph

Bulletproof Home
Bulletproof Home

Last but not least, we have the Bulletproof Home survival offer, a product for “preppers” that’s all about how to protect your home in the “coming crisis.” Its VSL starts by pointing out that all the common home defense strategies actually leave your home more vulnerable in the coming crisis, and describes its strategies as coming from 21st century warzones. Ultimately, the product itself is a step-by-step roadmap for fortifying your home in less than a month.

The offer owners for Bulletproof Home claim that this product did $2.7 million before affiliates, and it comes with a quality VSL from a top survival marketer. However, unlike any of the other offers on this list, Bulletproof Home currently offers a 25% commission. While the product does have a higher average order value than many, this is something to be aware of.

The Bulletproof Home defense program also comes with email swipes and banners. Find out more about the product below!

EPC = $0.51APV = $40.82Starting Commission = 25%Affiliate Tools Page = www.bulletproofhome.org/affiliates    Vendor Contact = affiliates@survivopedia.com

Check out their landing page here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the survival niche worth it?

Of course! There are a lot of very successful offers in this niche, all appealing to the primal need for surviving and protecting one’s loved ones. Survival offers typically work best when targeting middle-aged, conservative men, but their messaging can resonate with all kinds of audience segments.

The other interesting thing about the survival niche is how relevant it is lately. Between having Democrats in charge and dealing with a worldwide pandemic, plus natural disasters every time you turn on the news, today’s environment lends a lot of credence to the need for some prepping or survival strategies.

Which survival affiliate program is the best?

Within this list, the Trump 2020 Coin is the highest-grossing product. But the best one for you is the one that will best appeal to your audience – or that you’ll have the easiest time of promoting to them.

For the most part, these products all represent a nice, balanced set of different survival offers, with great payouts, conversions, and upsell flows. But don’t forget to check out what else is on ClickBank! You can browse the Self-Help > Survival category within ClickBank’s marketplace to see a full list of survival offers.

How do I get started as a survival affiliate?

If you’re interested in becoming a survival affiliate, the two things you need are an understanding of your audience and the ability to get traffic.

While the first one is going to be up to you, we can help you with that second goal. On the ClickBank website, you’ll find several free affiliate marketing resources that can get you started – most importantly, the epic, step-by-step ClickBank for Beginners guide.

You can get up to speed even faster with our affiliate education platform, Spark by ClickBank. You can check out Spark right here.

Best Survival Affiliate Programs Wrap-up

A few years ago, you’d be hard-pressed to convince a certain segment of the population that anything really bad could ever happen… At least, not in a country like the United States.

But now that we’ve dealt with COVID, political upheaval, supply chain issues, crazy natural disasters, and inflation within the span of just a year or two, all bets are off!

With plenty of concerned buyers out there, now is a uniquely good time to enter the survival niche. Just note that survival offers tend to work best with an email list or your own affiliate website.

As we wrap up, I want to point out that this list is updated regularly, but the very best survival products on ClickBank will change over time – and sometimes faster than will be reflected here. So, if you want to make sure you’re always up-to-date on whatever’s dominating the ClickBank marketplace, I recommend you visit our top ClickBank products post, which we update with the latest top offers twice per month.

Oh, and if you’re curious about the other top-selling products in popular niches on ClickBank, I give you these handy lists to check out:

And again, if you could use some help getting going as an affiliate, I encourage you to learn more about our official affiliate education platform, Spark. This series of marketing courses will prepare you for success as an affiliate for survival products – and much more!

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